Kotor savegame editor последняя версия - аватар фильм в хорошем качестве

Apr 16, 2004 This is v1.3.3 of the KOTOR save game editor. This version fixes several bugs and updates the program to provide early jedi support. 9 Other information. 9.1 API; 9.2 Middleware; 9.3 Higher quality media; 9.4 KOTOR and TSL Save Game Editor. 10 System requirements; 11 References. В последней версии добавили новые языки,может и русский официально 1) KotOR Savegame Editor (kse)(Нажмите для скачивания.

Jul 22, 2015 No reposts of content posted within the last six months, nor of the top How to edit KotOR I saved games from an iOS Device - Save files can. Jul 23, 2015 Mod Directory: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content85807038719\ Please review the README.txt's in the above directory before using. 3 авг 2015 FAQ по SW:KotOR 2 — TSL · Прохождение SW:KotOR 2 — TSL · База данных по предметам KotOR 2 KSE Редактор Сохранений / SaveGame Editor (Для работы с киррилицей / Steam версия) 3.3.2.a 3.3.2.alternate - работает с последней версий Steam (на 01.08.2015), для правильной. May 9, 2016 This editor was originally worked on by tk102, and then I took it up after several years of inactivity and getting permission from the author. Savegame Editor and cheat utilities top of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Savegame Editor (KSE) v3.3.3. Submitted: Jan 04 2015 08:08 AM; Last Updated: May 09 2016 07:14 PM; File Size: 16.06MB; Views: 142324 KotOR Savegame Editor is a Perl/Tk application used in the editing of. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic savegame files. Jul 11, 2007 This program will allow you to modify your saved games, both for Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and Star Wars:Knights Of The Old.

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