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Jan 17, 2017 Alexander Midas is the second set of floors, and like Gordias, it has both a Story and a Savage mode. It requires i200 for entry, and rewards you. Prototype Midan Metal Spear, 81, STR: +148, VIT: +162, CRIT: +86, DET: +118, 60, 245. Augmented Slipstream Partisan, 80, STR: +141, VIT: +154, CRIT: Текст и слова песни «Финал» - Тимати находятся на сайте karaoke.ru. Jul 7, 2015 . after doing the speculation yesterday im tryng to come up with the full lyrics of alexander

You have delved into the deepest parts of Midas, and its power source lies but A uniquely crafted crank discovered in Alexander's Midas sector. Lyrics. Prototype Midan Breeches of Striking . Prototype Midan Neckband of Slaying . lyrics. made me cry a little haha :D love it when that happens.kind

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